Welcome to the Security and Privacy Engineering Laboratory at EPFL!

Our research focuses on building secure and privacy-preserving systems. We aim to develop tools and methodologies to help engineers embedding strong security and privacy guarantees in their designs, as well as techniques that help them to systematically quantifying the information that an adversary can infer from data she may have access to.


Currently, we work on the following topics:

  • Machine learning in security and privacy
  • Privacy in crowd sourcing applications
  • Anonymous communications
  • Location privacy
  • Privacy engineering methodologies

Here you can find more info about these lines of research, and here our complete list of publications.

Work with us

If you want to work with us, check our positions page. We also have some projects for students, but we are open to consider other options. If you have an idea that you are excited about and you want to work on it send us an email.


C721 – Privacy at the communication layer (+ info).